About Us

In the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California, our saga in wholesale makeup unfolds. For seven years, we've been crafting our story – from humble beginnings with four brands to leading with over 40, embodying the essence of Wholesale Beauty Products and Cosmetics Distribution.

Guided by the fearless motto, "Fearless to Success," we've charted our course from a modest store to an iconic building. We've become the hub for Makeup Brands in Bulk, where leaders like Beauty Creations and Bebella are born.

As an International Cosmetic Distributor, we don't just offer products; we deliver comprehensive solutions with Bulk Cosmetics for Retailers and Wholesale Makeup Accessories. Under the bold leadership of Esmeralda Hernandez, an influential Latina woman, every move reflects our seven years of passion and determination.

We're more than a success story; we're a statement of authenticity, quality, and exceptional service. "Fearless to Success" isn't just a slogan; it's our philosophy. Discover why we're the top choice for those looking to stand out in the world of wholesale beauty. Welcome to a unique experience where success is the norm, and inspiration is our currency!